Appalachian Forest Farming Community conference

Black cohosh ,7 bark, ninebark, blue cohosh, Goldenseal ,Solomon Seal, Stone root,mullein, poke root,witch hazel, hawthorne, elderberry, bloodroot, Trillium, false unicorn root, snakeroot all of these are herbs and many more that are Forest grown medicinals cultivated

Nurtured in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains Nestled next to the historic New River lies an old camp that used to be used for the coal barons and for a small part of the summer for the coal miners children. This is the site for this years conference.
The entire region is a place filled with so much growing energy its burgeoning into an entire community of non timber forest farming herbal growers.
Much like when you meet anyone who is truly passionate about what they do a few minutes speaking with these farmers it quickly becomes apparent that this is a totally new breed of herbal grower.

Non timber forest farming is a niche market it’s commonly filled with mushroom growers ginseng growers and other medicinal plants that are native to temperate hardwood forest.

The conference starts on Friday August 10th at 3 p.m. and lasts until Sunday August 12th at 3 p.m.
2 and a half days of learning education
hands-on activities and community building.
No matter where you are in the process of growing forest medicinals this conference will help you.

Everything from classes on root Divisions to site selection organic certification as well as round table meetings with some of the largest herbal companies in the United States. Including discussions about the contracting process how to grow for sale,how to properly handle post harvest even where to purchase seed and root stock.

To ensure the Quality of the classes and the round Table discussions we are limiting attendance to the first 150 people who register

We have an amazing vegetarian chef who has selected a fantastic menu we will also feature wild harvested forage salad selection on Saturday at lunch. We will feature locally grown herbs the entire weekends menu.

Campsite is included in the ticket price as well as meals (pre purchase tickets are $60.00)

Over 25 classes and staggered sessions so you can take in more classes than usual at a conference of this type

Leaders in the industry as well as experienced forest farmers and authors there is even a childrens program with games and experiments. As well as fun experiences designed for different age grops. Childrens tickets are $30.00

This new Forest farmer is not your old Appalachian stereotype they’re smart they’re educated they know the plants that they’re dealing with they recognize the unique region they live in

Whey work within the framework sustainability on organic and biodynamic processes this isn’t somebody going in the woods to dig roots on anybody’s property that they can

These are smart and responsible Growers be part of this movement today. Come join us in Hinton West Virginia.


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