Self Heal

Self heal heal all wound wort all heal. All of these are common names for the same exact plant this is why you’ll often when meeting me hear me speak of the different names of plants and also use the Latin name in this case prunella vulgaris is the Latin name of this plant.

All the other names are for the same exact plant it gets very confusing when you’re speaking with different herbalist or trying to read different remedies and you find 20 different plants with the same exact common name. In this case is one common plant with 20 different names

We will be harvesting today and getting into an oil infusion to mix later with comfrey and plantain for healing salve. We will also be drying for our customers to use as they wish

This pretty club shaped purple flower is quite striking. Like many other healing plants,It is yet another member of the amazing mint family

Much like common plantain heal all our self heal prunella vulgaris has an affinity for compacted soil and waste places I would strongly suggest taking a look around and try to find some yourself if you find a safe place to harvest use a mesh bag over the flower head to collect seeds and bring home and add to your garden you can also if you find a safe site dig up and Transplant the roads but again just just like any of there of the mint family it does spread by roots and will take over an area as I’ve mentioned too many people before I actually find this habit of the mint family to be quite endearing but I know others who like tame polite plants that don’t like to spread out can find this to be a annoyance in your flower beds so make sure you put it in a spot where you can either leave it alone for a while or put it into a pot where its tendency to spread isn’t going to be an issue partial sun is good for prunella vulgaris even partial shade is good unlike a lot of other mint it’s more tolerant of shaded locations.

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